Company introduction

Main business of Hysine is the development and production of building automation products and industrial control products.We are committed to BACnet systems product development and promotion,promotion,provide a complete solution and  the full range of BAS products.


We are committed to help you complete control of the best.Our team provide Building Automation Management System,which is used for control and management of cold/heat system,air-conditioning systems,water supply and drainage systems,ventilation systems,elevators,lighting systems,etc.In order to faclitate the integrated management of buildings,we provide the gateway interface for integrated fire control system,access control systems,lighting systems.We follow the international standard protocol and flexible systems for building automation to provide all prossible solutions.


High reliability we are committed to providing easy-to-use control system.Design a high-reliability products is our first consideration.In order to achieve high reliability we have never neglected the tiny product quality issues,even those who appear difficult to capture and low probability of quality problems,we have spent enormous time and energy to solve it.


The produte which provide value to users is a good product.So we are committed to the design of low-cost,high-value,useful products.In the design of products,we take full account of product easy to install,easy to maintain and easy services,while saving energy consumption for the user and facilitate automation and management.